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Sprouting rabbit for my first client

Updated: May 28, 2021

2018 Artwork (Sold out) One spring, I received my first request, "Can you draw me a rabbit? "

The client was an acquaintance .

I had visited her house a while before for tea, etc. She liked French chic fabrics and patterns, and lived a sophisticated life.

I didn't receive any specific requests for the rabbit painting.

I wanted to give her a cute little rabbit that would fit the season, but I didn't feel it was worthwhile to just draw the motif as it was.

So, based on the image of spring, I created a fantasy of a rabbit in a color that doesn't exist.

It is now displayed in her bedroom.

At the time, both she and I were confused about making our first art order.

I asked the opinion of a painter I respected and did some research, and carefully took my first steps as an artist.

The client was surprised at the price I quoted, but said, "But it's your decision, so that's fine."

These words unexpectedly gave me gift.

It was my determination as an artist to always create something better than this work.

I continue to face my work today, remembering from time to time how much she still enjoys my paintings.

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