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Online Exibition "The night falls" Concepts

(English) Now I am holding the above.

momokei Online Solo Exhibition "The night falls" Https://

2020. Aug.1 - Aug.31

Thank you for your interest and comments in this site.

The following is an explanation of the concept and structure of this exhibition.

JCAT (New York gallery team) asked me to do an exhibition in June 2020.

Since then I have created 7 new works.

At that time, the first wave of the new coronavirus (CO-VID 19) was coming to Japan, and we Japanese was asked by the government and prefectural government to stay home. So I spent my days living at home with my family.

I now live in a city.

I can get a lot of things quickly, but everything in the environment - buildings, streets, etc. - is very well-defined.

There is a lot of planting, but not a lot of nature.

At night, I can't see much of the stars due to the strong city lights.

Now that I am not able to go out more than usual, I have become more aesthetically pleasing to the places I usually see.

I think I have come to appreciate the beauty and excitement in the ordinary things around me that I used to take for granted.

Also, my longing for a distant, spacious place became stronger. My desire for a vast, starry night sky, rather than the bright night sky of the city, became stronger.

In this exhibition, I use fountain pen inks to create a background based on the vast night sky, interspersed with small things that I love and want to cherish.

The particular events of the production period - the whole society's response to the new coronavirus, the Black LIves Matter movement in the US - had an impact on my work.

My two black works are based on the memorial for Mr. George Floyd, who was murdered by a white police officer, and others who have suffered similar racial persecution in the past.

This time, all of the pieces have been bleached with a sodium hypochlorite solution, known for its use in killing viruses. I like the moment when a material, such as fountain pen ink, sublimates into art by using it in a way it wasn't intended to be used.

In the two black works, the combination of Japanese fountain pen ink "Chiku Tan (means bamboo charcoal) " and this solution is used to express a color close to the skin tone of black people.

Seven of the works in this exhibition are linked to each other as "One Night Drowsing Away".

I hope you will enjoy the gradation of a long and beautiful night, beginning with the twilight to welcome the sun goddess and ending at dusk when the dignity of a human being shines through.

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