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For the exhibition "The Gift"

JCAT Group exhibition "The Gift" 2020.12.01 -2020.12.31 I am presenting my work on the theme of "Age of Wind" here.

The year 2020 is drawing to a close, a year that has forced me, and perhaps all of you, to make major changes in the way we live and think.

In my case, unforeseen circumstances have continued to push me both in my artistic and family life. I've become more and more of a stay-at-home.

The first time I heard the word was from a friend, who was cleaning the park with me.

She said, "The age of the wind is coming. "

On examination, this is the idea of Western astrology, which suggests world and personal trends based on the positions of the celestial bodies.

For the past 240 years or so, we have been in the "Age of Earth" with its monocentric values. From the middle of December 2020, we will be in the "Age of Wind" and the values in human culture will change dramatically.

I won't bore you with the details, the keyword of the "Wind Age" is "Cherish the Invisible".

We are unexpectedly more connected online, sharing information rather than owning things.

During the staying-home for CO-VID19, There have been more business and communicating on SNS, including myself, and I have more opportunities to talk online with a wider variety of people than ever before.

As I am unable to go outside, I have had the opportunity to be taken to power spots I've never been to before.

It was dusk and the wind was blowing at the lake in early autumn, where the dragon god resides, and the only sound was the rustling of the many leaves on the trees around us. The trees seemed to be telling us that we had arrived.

As a city dweller, I rarely get this kind of environment.

The presence of the wind was transformed into the sounds of these trees, and I came to know the wind exsists and realize the fact that I am living and standing in the wind.

After returning home, I picked up a paintbrush and my dear fountain pen inks, and began to paint this series of works. The realization of the Age(Era) became a dynamic brushstroke, and I ended up with works larger than ever before.

It doesn't matter where you are, the wind blows everywhere.

Everything does not stick to its present form.

It becomes itself with its substance.

The Age of the Wind" seems to suggest such a way of life.

Particularly in human beings, ideas shape who we are.

Regardless of race, age, gender, etc., let's connect with people with flexible ideas.

Communicating these values is Gift from me in this exhibition.

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