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About "Our sounds"

I introduce the piece of NY JCAT Gallery Group Exhibition "Beautiful" 2020. 09.01 - "Our sounds" 20.67 × 12.8 Inch

Shortly before making it, I discovered calligraphy pen for left-handed , so I enjoyed drawing lines freely that looked like letters.

Long before that, I ordered a normal calligraphy pen - for right-handed - and tried to do calligraphy the normal way, but it didn't work at all, which was very disappointing. I gave the tools to a right-handed kid and he started drawing well and I was really annoyed :)

If we try the basics and it doesn't work, we just have to find our own way.

I tried and found a way to draw easily with my left hand, and when I drew lines with it, I enjoyed it so much as if I could do it forever.

(easy and fun, both use the same Kanji characters. I think it means that they are fundamentally the same.)

I think the beauty of the human is that we can only SHARE positive feelings and compassion. It reaches beyond the language barrier.

I am sure that even today, even after CO-VID19 disaster, words of "thank you" and compassion are ringing out all over the world, and it must be a beautiful music that fills the earth.

I created this work to express these things.

I found the technique of applying fountain pen inks, but before that, I loved drawing free lines since I was a child.

I studied various typefaces, including calligraphy and more recent fonts, and I found the old Japanese kana style to be the most mysterious. I found them to be the most mysterious and beautiful, even though they were not so obvious (and yet decipherable).

Vertical writing is also the easiest and most appropriate way to use the calligraphy pen in the left hand.

I drew many lines in my own style, absorbing the essence of National Treasure-grade kana works of japan. "Our sounds" includes various words such as "hello", "thank you", "smile" and other things that I think we should share, mixed in with musical note shapes. They blend together.

I've already forgotten where I hid the words, but if you're lucky enough to discover any of them, that's pretty amazing.

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