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About "Our secret"

Updated: May 28, 2021

Small artwork. 2020 "Our secret"

It was Shuntaro Tanikawa (Japanese famous poet) who said, "I wish I could write a poem as good as a single flower".

That's exactly what I thought.

I am deeply impressed by the beauty of the flowers I see on the street and in flower shops.

This work is modeled after a single rose that I welcomed into my room.

I left it in a narrow vase, and one day the leaves looked like a rose's hand, and it looked like it was doing a "Shhhhhh" with its fingertips on its lips.

I thought that flowers were supposed to be arranged, looked at, and looked pretty and that was the end of it, but this is just a matter of one's own heart. Sometimes the gestures of the living beings who came here can be found.

I have a family, but there are moments when I feel alone and helpless.

This would be a good time to talk to a rose.

This rose was a friend who shared a little word with me.

The loneliness faded a little and I was happy, so I made this work so that I would not forget that feeling.

The piece is small and thin, and although it is cute, it is framed with a dignified presence. I hope you will enjoy it in your room.


Fountain pen ink

 irohizuku "Kosumosu"

 kyoonooto "Urahairo"

 monteverde "Jade Noir"

 ipaper "Beitou Geothermal Hot Springs"

 diamine "electric pink", "golden ivy", "golden sands"

 artisanpastellier "havane"

 herbin "cacao du bresil"

 vintainks "pastel blue"

Paper (graphilo)

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