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About "mollugo"

Updated: May 28, 2021

2020 Solo exhibition's artwork (Sold out)

I love natural plants and flowers.

Now I live in a city and the environment is not rich in nature.

However, for example in the spring, I smile as I see green grasses sprouting from the plants of the sidewalk.

And I am often surprised by the vitality of the small plants sprouting from the cracks in the concrete and buildings along the roadside.

This is one of those insignificant little plants I found at my feet.

It had many tiny leaves and buds on a thread-thin stem. I thought it was a cute little group of mussed parts.

I searched its scientific name. I heard it for the first time, and used it as the title of this piece. You probably didn't know this name either, do you?

I think it's a great quote: "There's no weed named weed. "

It's not uncommon for things that are thought to be insignificant to have high value if we change their location or perspective.

For example, in the Edo period, the most expensive part of Maguro (tuna fish) was the lean meat, and Toro (fatty part of Maguro) was the part that was discarded.

Now Toro is the most expensive part of Maguro in Japan.

Even in the things we take for granted (or think we do), we can still find value in them.

It is only a matter of how we hold our hearts.

In this work, the fine glitter in the inks gives a glow to the blue background. The painting materials are :

fountain pen ink

Diamine "Starlit sea", "Blue pearl", "Shimmering sea"

Pelican highlighter ink "green"

Nakabayashi "Ukiyoe Ink series, Utamaro Ume Murasaki"

sodium hypochlorite solution

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