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About "hazy flowers"

Updated: May 28, 2021

Online Solo Exhibition "the night falls" 2020 Solo exhibition's artwork. (Sold out) There are several flower shops around my house. Each one has its own personality and I have been with them for many years for gifts and my own small pleasures.

In there, we can encounter a variety of plants and flowers grown for appreciation.

One day, when I was chatting at the counter of the florist, a man came in with a bouquet.

He said, "I had this bouquet made at another shop, but it's kind of done in a very old-fashioned style. Would you like to put arrangement? "

The bouquet was made of nothing but roses and gypsophila (baby's breath) .

I try to be careful not to neglect the things I cherished in my childhood.

And I remember that the bouquets that florists made for me as a child were always arrangements of roses and gypsophilas for people. That was certainly the case in those days.

When I was looking at the gypsophilas at the florist, I became very interested in them, so I decided to buy a bouquet of just gypsophilas and hang it at home for a while.

Then I discovered that gypsophilas have a sweet smell too!

I liked this flower so much that I drew it many times, even in line drawings.

As I wrote in the "mollugo" article, I like the shape of small parts gathered together regularly.

Gypsophilas is generally soft in atmosphere.

I feel that the gypsophila has its own beauty, not as a compliment.

In this online solo exhibition "the night falls", I was trying to paint many kind of the night sky, and I overlapped the image of gypsophilas to paint a sky with clouds.

What I was trying to depict here was both the sky and the flower, an ephemeral thing that may have no boundaries.

One of my customers, who said, "I have always liked the flowers that momokei draws." has chosen this painting. Thank you very much. The painting materials are :

fountain pen ink

Diamine "Blue flame" , "Starlit sea", "Blue pearl", "Shimmering sea"

sodium hypochlorite solution

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