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About "expanded #1"

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

"expanded #1" 15.2 x 22.6 inch 500 US$

I love the carnation flowers. I develop the lines from observation and compose them freely.

Finally, I pressed the wet fresh flowers with great vigor to get the blotting that only ink can do. It encloses a beauty that is beyond my own ego.

It was well received as a picture that calls imagination. Some customers have described it as a pack of wolves popping up from the center. It certainly looks like that in some cases.

Nowadays, There are many blue fountain pen inks. Primary colors are good, and even slightly faded colors are beautiful. I especially loved the clear color of "Clear Navy", which was inspired by the color of jeans.

Just a bottle of ink with a lot of potential and beauty - that's what it represents.

The photo is a little darker, but the paper is fixed to a sapphire blue undermat linked to the ink color.

Materials :

Fountain pen ink (Nakabayashi Co.,Ltd. Jeans ink "Clear Navy")


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