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About "cracks"

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

"cracks" 15.2 × 22.6 Inch 500 US$

Like "expanded #1", this piece also received positive reviews at my December 2019 solo exhibition.

As an eye-catching symbol for ink artist momokei, who loves blue and blue ink, it is used on business cards and various SNS covers.

It is often depicted as an alleyway in the world, or a big world where small worlds come together, but it is also a work that is rooted in my daily life. However, it is also the work that is rooted in my daily life.

Since that time, I have been interested in the "beauty of everyday life that we overlook without a second thought".

I was furiously doing housework while looking for the source of the images for my artwork, and I was cracking eggs for an omelette when I saw a crack in the shell and thought, "This is it! ".

But eggshells are pale in colour, and even with a brown egg I couldn't see the cracks.

After some trial and error, I decided to keep the shells of the eggs used in cooking with the thin skin removed. (The thin crust prevents its toughness from getting in the way of the next step)

I applied fountain pen ink from the inside of the shell with a brush and crushed it down to the drawing paper, I could see fine cracks. The ink gets into the cracks and the lines are now clearly visible.

These job was done by my right hand.

And it's the left hand that continues to draw with the thinnest pen while looking at the cracks.

As a result, I finished the drawing as shown above.

The surface that looks like it was painted is a print of the shell itself. The shading is due to the fact that I used different ink densities each time I painted.

I don't remember how many eggshells I hoarded, but here's what the leftover material looks like.

Things that happen and come into being in a small world like the home are connected to grand things on a different scale. For example, the disagreements and the way in which we come to terms with them and get reconciliation, etc...

So we can't ignore the things that happen in the small world, and there is always beauty in that too. That's what I've learned from my life experience.

Materials : Fountain pen ink (NAKABAYASHI Co.,Ltd. Jeans Ink "Clear Navy") paper

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