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About "bone cells"

Updated: May 28, 2021

2020 solo exhibition's artwork. (Sold out) There are many times in my daily life when I suddenly come across something beautiful.

When this happens, I make it a point to take a picture of it with my smartphone to record it, and plan to include it in my work someday.

One of these was a Japanese TV program, a science special "The Human Body".

I was fascinated by a magnified photograph of a bone cells that had been transferred there for a brief moment.

I draw fuzzy and various lines of free shapes, but the photograph showed me that the human body is also made up of a collection of very fine and irregular lines.

This work is modeled after such enlarged photographs of bone cells, and develops lines based on my own sensitivity.

When you zoom in to this extent, the human body is also like the universe.

Each one of us is a precious being that contains such a vastness.

In Oriental medicine, the human body is divided into five parts. The pentagon is a metaphor for the human body. This picture shimmers too.

The painting materials are :

fountain pen inks

Diamine "Shimmering sea" Vintainks "pastel blue" TAG stationery "Nurebairo" (means Wet wings of a crow) crayon ("transparent crayon" - KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Japanese product)

sodium hypochlorite solution paper

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