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About "blissful twilight"

At online solo exhibition "The night falls" This work was constructed to be brought to the beginning of the online exhibition "The night falls".

Because I had the idea to express a flow of a single night from dusk to late night for this exhibition.

While I had already completed several nighttime paintings, I couldn't think of a composition for the one I wanted to paint in the twilight. Then, while I was asleep, a shape close to this composition appeared to me in a dream, so I remembered it and was able to paint it.

(My work is sometimes completed with the help of some kind of unconscious force, such as dreams.)

I was able to see up to the point where it was dusk, but I wanted to add a line with a story to it.

Then I happened to see a great music video for a new song by an Japanese idol group that my daughter likes. This picture was completed with the addition of a line that has a more sultry quality to it, thanks to the emotions I got from watching it.

Seishun-koukou san-nen C-gumi Idol Club

"Suki desu." (It means I love you) Music Video

Before I tell you the story of my work, let me give you some background on these girls.

These girls aren't people who trained to become idols.

They are ordinary girls who were brought together through an open call for TV shows. Therefore, they have been friends since before they made this music video.

After they started to perform as an idol group, they could not meet each other due to the CO-VID19. This music video captures the moment of joy when they meet each other for the first time in a long time, thanks to a surprise from the producers.

Isn't it wonderful to see people offline, to be able to hug each other, to be greeted by those warm hands?

To draw this picture, it occurred to me to make the orange sun a goddess figure and to make her a picture of the night, a lover coming to greet her with a warm hand.

She falls lazily into the night. She doesn't disappear, but is wrapped in her lover's hand.

So the word for this moment is "blissful twilight".

In Japan, today is the memorial day of the end of the world war II.

I want to think of the departed and cherish those who are still alive, and wish for peace.

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