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About my styles

Momokei's artworks are composed of ink blue, a metaphor for emotions that come from within.
She continues to create artworks while experimenting with various aspects of ink blue.


ruffle (2019)

At the time of first solo exhibition, she was drawing abstract line drawings in blue ink. She extracts the linearity of familiar materials and composes them freely.


My heart (2021)

She began to focus on wool as a material that stimulates the senses and emotions. She mixes it with delicate line drawings in ink.


mollugo (2020)

 Painted abstracts using the chromatographic effect of fountain pen inks. The white areas are painted with chlorine bleach.


blue tulips (2022)

She aims for a pure blue world and utilizes pigmented inks that do not fade. Her mix of women's and botanical paintings is increasing.


spring [beta] (2021)

After a period of self-restraint at home under Corona, she began to create mixed media works combining materials of home.


strange tree (2022)

She focuses on miscellaneous used papers generated at home as collage materials. She liberates the various letters written on them from their connotations, and the figures she depicts are also liberated from their existing values.

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