She paints with spilled fountain pen ink and draws lots of unconventional and imperfect lines with glass pens and stationery pens.
She enjoys the beauty created by chance, sometimes unconsciously running her pen or letting the rain hit her work.
With her overflowing lines, she expresses a soul that transcends the form of the object.

Her work looks soft but feels strong, and there is an imbalance that can be injured if you carelessly touch it.
She embraces what is in front of her as it is, revealing both the search and the challenge.
The finished work is filled with the joy of life and love for the fleeting and unstable.

She is also interested in the decorations around the painting, so she creates mats with marbled paper and other materials to coordinate the work.
Some of the works are framed as encadremont(French style) with contemporary interpretations.

Her slightly less ostentatious style is based on the spirit of inner fulfillment of the Japanese tea ceremony and Budo, which have long been familiar to her.

  2017   Group exhibitions started  (Tokyo)

  2019 Dec.  Solo exhibition (Tokyo)

  2019 Nov.  New Year's card for Tokyu hands will be sold nationwide 

                        (got award in the contest)

  2020 Feb. Group exhibition (NY, Chelsea)

 Favorite musicians : 

  BABYMETAL / momoiro clover Z / Super Junky Monkey

 Favorite comics:

  JOJO's bizarre adventures

momokei は紙が好き、インクが好き。








 2017年   グループ展発表を開始(東京)

 2019年12月 個展(東京)

 2019年11月 全国の東急ハンズにて年賀状販売予定


 2020年2月 グループ展(NY, Chelsea)



 BABYMETAL / ももいろクローバーZ / Super Junky Monkey



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