Momokei has loved to draw since she was a child and grew up being moved by the scenery of the countryside and wild flowers.


she draws with fountain pen ink and pigmented ink. Blur the fountain pen ink with water and take advantage of the unexpected color effect of the chromatographic effect. She also uses dipping pens to draw delicate lines. She uses glittering ink and pigments to add a magical glow to the work, and uses a variety of papers enjoying the different effects of those effects.

Momokei is an artist who is always learning and is inspired by everything she sees. She raise questions about social issues and new ideas as artworks.
There is always compassion - a joy in life and a love that pours out even in the most ephemeral and unsteady situations.

Momokei tries to express a soul beyond the form of the object.
Her work shows both the search for beauty and the challenge of beauty, seemingly soft but with a sense of strength.

She is very fond of color, but avoids brashness. It's based on the spirit of enriching the mind over the appearance of the Japanese tea ceremony and KARATE that she has been familiar with for long years.

2017 -               Joined open call exhibitions
2019. Dec.       Solo exhibition (Tokyo) 
2019. Winter  Tokyu Hands 2020 New Year's Card Illustration Contest,        Excellence Award  (Sold in stores nationwide)
2020                 Group exhibition (NY, Chelsea)
2021                Solo exhibition (Yokohama)

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