Momokei has loved to draw since she was a child and grew up being moved by the scenery of the countryside and wild flowers.

She creates abstract art that includes plant and animal-like elements.


The core of her expression is the pursuit of line, which expresses the transience of this world, and color effects that exceed her own intentions, such as the blurring and blurring effects inherent in ink.



Her work, which began as paintings, is now moving in a direction that reflects her diversity as a mother, wife, daughter-in-law, and artist, and she is also developing mixedmedia works with materials other than ink (paper, medium, acrylic paint, wool).

Since 2021, She has been working on canvas works mixed with flowers, leaves and soil she has grown herself and dyed and spun wool by herself, as art that stimulates analog memories and the five senses for a world that is going online.


momokei is trying to express the soul and love that lies beyond shapes and colors.

Her work is both a search for beauty and a challenge, and has been well received for its softness and strength.

2017 -               Joined open call exhibitions
2019. Dec.       Solo exhibition (Tokyo) 
2019. Winter  Tokyu Hands 2020 New Year's Card Illustration Contest,        Excellence Award  (Sold in stores nationwide)
2020                 Group exhibition (NY, Chelsea)
2021                Solo exhibition (Yokohama)
2021                 Group exhibition (Yokohama)

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