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Momokei grew up with painting all day long and the countryside.

The starting point of momokei's art was a sad event after marriage and childbirth, when the deep blue that had been circling inside her became countless blue lines and popped out of her fingertips.

Momokei thought this was a metaphor for sadness, but she realized that this was not the case and that it was all the color of love.

Using ink with a brighter and stronger blue than watercolor medium in a sprawling manner, he paints pictures with free-flowing lines that dance and use blurring effects. He paints abstract paintings with a mixture of human-like and flower-like motifs, expressing the warmth of life and love.

For momokei, whose artistic spirit opened her eyes after a period of family life, family and art are mutually cyclical and require enrichment. She finds beauty in everyday life and is interested in household waste - dead flowers from the garden, used paper, etc. - as collage materials.
She sees various letters as symbols and especially admires the fluidity of ancient Japanese letters.

Starting from two-dimensional paintings, he has developed into mixed media works using different materials such as wool.
He also emphasizes the experience of interacting with the viewer and exchanging values, and also does live painting.


Momokei blue is a cold color that evokes a sense of gentleness and warmth, transforming the sadness and fragility of life into love and tenderness.
Her work is a search for and challenge of beauty, and has been well received for its delicacy, softness, and strength.


2018    Started the art of drawing blue lines. Started to transmit by global standard.

2019    First solo exhibition (Higashi Nihonbashi, Tokyo)
     Tokyu Hands New Year's Card Illustration Contest, Excellent Prize (Sold at stores nationwide)

2020    Registered as a sole proprietor as an artist.
     Started to transmit information about nutritional therapy and gluten-free because of my child's truancy       and schizophrenia.
     Offline and online group exhibitions (NY)

2021 Solo exhibition, Group exhibition (Kanagawa, Yokohama)

2022 Off-line and on-line group exhibition (NY), Started NFT art


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