Since she was little, momokei loved drawing and grew up fascinated by her countryside landscape and wildflowers.

She paints artworks with free flowing lines, using mainly blue pigmented inks with watercolor-like blurring effect. She creates abstract paintings, mainly mixed with people, expressing heart and love.

She finds beauty in daily life and is interested in household waste - dead flowers in her garden, used paper, etc. - as materials for collage.

She sees various characters as symbols and especially admires the fluidity of the ancient Japanese ones.

Starting from two-dimensional paintings, her production activities have developed into mixed media works with other materials such as wool,  in addition to the above materials.

Momokei blue, a cold color with gentle and warm feeling, transforms the sadness and fragility of life into beauty, expressing love and freedom.

Her work shows both the search for beauty and the challenge of beauty, seemingly soft and elegant but with a sense of strength.

2017 -              Joined open call exhibitions

2019                Solo exhibition (Tokyo) 

2019                Tokyu Hands 2020 New Year's Card Illustration Contest, Excellence Award  (Sold in stores nationwide)

2020                 Online Solo exhibition,  Group exhibition (NY, Chelsea)

2021                 Solo exhibition,  Group exhibition  (Yokohama)

2022                 Group exhibition (NY, Chelsea)

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